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The comprehensive program for anyone that wants to create a purposeful blog that doubles up as a lucrative side-hustle.

To the busy blogger spinning their wheels to create a money-making blog they’re proud to call their own…

What if instead of blogging to the same handful of people each month, you were able to explode your audience - and turn your content into a whole new stream of income?

The life of a blogger seems almost too good to be true. You get to spend your day writing about things you love. You have fans from all over the world. And you essentially get paid to do what you do anyway for fun. (#winning)


Then there’s the promise of passive income. You go out for dinner with friends and a stream of PayPal notifications roll in. You take the day off to be with your family and you wake up to money in your account.


It sounds like a dream come true. But in reality… that stuff is reserved for an elite few, with their team of tech experts and hundreds of thousands of followers, right?


Well… not exactly.

Here’s what most could-be blogging heroes don’t know:

Anyone can create and monetize a blog.

You don’t need tech know-how to create a blog from scratch.

You don’t need heaps of followers to get readers.

You don’t need to “know people” to monetize your content.

Truth is, if you wanted to, you could get your blog up and running in minutes.

Only… you tried that already...

But after a frustrating afternoon figuring out where to start, like many well-meaning bloggers, you wound up in a place of overwhelm.


A place where productivity gets lost in a sea of jargon and tech-speak. Where good intentions turn into titanic frustrations. And inspired ideas turn into a screen full of design disasters.


A place I, and the rest of the blogging community, know all too well.


If you managed to push through the overwhelm and create your blog, congrats! You’ve made it further than most. But like the rest of us, you soon discovered that running a successful blog isn’t as simple as whacking up a few random posts, hoping one of them will go viral.

Without a strategy, promising blogs become ghost towns. And hopeful bloggers lose interest FAST.

Here’s the thing about blogging for profit:

8/10 bloggers fail not because they don’t “have what it takes”, but because they blog without a strategy.

You see, the profitable bloggers you envy aren’t more talented than you. They aren’t tech wizards. And they don’t have unlimited hours in the day.

They have frameworks in place that allow them to create a profitable blogging business with ease. That allow them to stay in control of their blog, their profit, and their time.

So if you’re stuck spinning your wheels instead of getting the results you crave, chances are, a reliable framework is what your blog is crying out for.

Because all the while you’re figuring it out as you go:

Without a reliable framework, you don’t have the profitable blogging business you’ve got the potential for. You have a bunch of ideas and a blog-induced headache. (Yikes!)

Cause as it turns out:

Not just anyone can create and monetize a *successful* blog.

But YOU can. And here’s why:

Be it travel, crochet, or the ingenious world of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, you’ve got a passion and/or skill that you’re itching to share with others.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what’s missing, you’re determined to make it work. Even if you’ve experienced nothing but frustration so far.

You’re not short of ideas for content. You just need someone to show you how to turn your ideas into content people will actually read (so you don’t end up wasting your time).

You’re wise to programs that promise overnight riches. You’re building up to long-term, sustainable success (although you’re down for a couple of quick wins along the way!)

You’re not looking to reinvent the wheel. You just want someone to show you WHAT to do and HOW to do it so you can set up your blog the RIGHT way. And start seeing results in the days, months AND years to come.

Hey, I’m Becca.

And if I can turn my blogging chops into a thriving blogging business, you can too!

My blogging journey began with a spontaneous trip to Croatia and Slovenia with my sister. Filled with optimism, I Googled “how to start a blog”. And it was pretty much downhill from there.


I spent hours going around in circles. I Googled everything that popped into my head. And I was hopping in and out of Facebook groups trying to figure everything out. 


Eventually, I had enough of throwing spaghetti at the wall. I buckled down, did a whole lotta research, and through trial and error, I developed a strategy that actually works.


Once I had a proven strategy, I started having WAY more fun with blogging. And discovered the secret to consistency.

From there, I grew my email list from 50 to 5000. I sold thousands of affiliate products. And I took my blog from barely visible to seriously profitable.

I realized that my framework had the potential to help others like me build a thriving blogging business.

And just like that, Break Into Blogging was born.

Ever since, I’ve been helping ambitious bloggers like you turn their ideas into a sustainable side-hustle that they can (and do!) scale to a full-time income.

You see:

With the right framework in place, you CAN create a money-making blog WITHOUT…

And you can do it while building a thriving blogging business that you’re proud to call your own.


THE comprehensive program for anyone that wants to create a purposeful blog that doubles up as a lucrative side-hustle.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned on my journey to building a thriving blogging business to create this step-by-step framework.

So you can skip the overwhelm, and jump straight to the part where you’ve got a money-making blog you love. Even if you’re starting from scratch. Even if you’re not tech-savvy.

Get up and running in a matter of days

Itching to get started? My over-the-shoulder tutorials will help you get your brand new blog in working order in a matter of days — without taking shortcuts that threaten your long term growth.

Create a beautiful website without a lick of code

You don’t need to choose between a cookie-cutter blog or taking a two-year course in web design. With the insider secrets you’ll gain, you can create a professional-looking blog that is unapologetically you.

Blog whenever you want, wherever you want

Blogging grants you the freedom to work around your current schedule. Meaning if you want to blog your way around Europe, you totally can. But if you want to blog while your little ones nap, that’s OK too.

Turn your blog into a sustainable business

Blogging unlocks your ability to create multiple streams of income. And that income gets generated around the clock. Meaning a single blog post could fund next year’s vacation. Or top up your account while you snooze.

Break into Blogging has helped aspiring bloggers like you unlock $1000s in revenue...

Elizabeth made just shy of $8K on her first launch!

“Before I enrolled in Break Into Blogging, the idea of creating information products to sell never even crossed my mind. I guess I didn’t think that regular bloggers were ‘allowed’ to do that. But we are! Becca breaks down all the steps you need to take to get your digital product business going. I spent about 2 months making an online course about knitting and on my first launch I made nearly $8,000!”

Elizabeth / Knitting blogger

Darcy went from a $0 blog to $5K+ months

“When I started BIB my blog was making zero dollars and zero cents. Now I average close to $5,000 a month. This would NEVER have happened without this course. I’ve got about 2,600 people on my email list now (and growing!) and I just launched my first course and made $12,800 doing it!”

Darcy / Breakthrough blogger + course creator

After 30Xing her email list, Alex unlocked an income of $7,500 a month

“This course is like a secret weapon. If all bloggers took it, bloggers would rule the world. In all honesty, I would have given up blogging a year ago because it was so frustrating. But I’m so glad I found Break Into Blogging instead! Becca helped me revamp my website and blog posts and showed me how to grow my traffic and email list (which has gone from 111 before the course to 3,608 after). With the huge traffic increase I’ve seen, plus the new email subscribers, I’ve been making about $7,500 a month!”

Alex / Breakthrough blogger

When you enroll in Break Into Blogging, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to TEN comprehensive modules ft. three guest experts:

Anna Cook

Content strategist

Nina Clapperton

SEO expert

Kelly Duhigg

Pinterest specialist

Melisa Arilla

Branding expert

what's included

Take a look inside THE PROGRAM:

module one

Defining Your Niche, Your Topic & Your Brand

Set your blog up the RIGHT way. This fail-proof module walks you through the blogging basics so you can get set up in minutes. And avoid making mistakes that will bite you in the 🍑 down the line.

You’ll discover:

module two

Setting Up The Tech Stuff & Your Plugins

The secret to setting up an ironclad site that looks nothing like your cookie-cutter competitors? Plugins.

Inside this value-packed module, you’ll discover:

module three

Setting Up and Customizing Your Pages & Theme

Now you’ve got the essentials down, it’s time for the fun part. In module three, you’ll discover how to set up a site that you LOVE — without trawling through a bazillion tutorials.

You’ll discover:

module four

Creating Blog Posts

Anyone can pop some words on a page and hit upload. But writing blog posts that turn casual scrollers into readers and readers into fans? That’s a whole other can of worms.

In this comprehensive module, I’ll share:


module five

Building An Email List

When people say “the money is in the email list”, this is what they’re talking about.

In this lucrative module, you’ll discover:

…With over-the-shoulder tutorials of SEVEN trustworthy platforms!

module six

Building Traffic With SEO

The secret to getting thousands of readers each month when your social media following consists of your best friend, other bloggers, and your mom?


SEO — aka search engine optimization.


And it’s nowhere near as intimidating as that agonizing blog post you found on Google made it sound.

In this surprisingly painless module, we’ll uncover:

Ft. a lesson in SEO from my personal SEO guru, Nina Clapperton!



module seven

Growing Your Traffic With Pinterest

Think you need to wait six months to start getting readers? Think again. This module is all about how you can tap into Pinterest’s power as a visual social engine to fast-track your blog’s success.

You’ll discover:

module eight

Monetize Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing

You don’t need thousands of visitors to monetize your blog. In fact, you have the potential to generate income the moment you get your very first visitor.

In this savvy guide to turning your blog into cash on-demand, you’ll discover:

100% beginner-friendly. No prior knowledge required!

module nine

Monetize Your Blog With Your Own Digital Products

At this point in the course, you’ll have a real blog. One that you love. And one that your growing readership loves too.



Chances are, you’ll be looking for ways to level up and increase your impact. You might even be at the point where you’re helping new bloggers.



In module 9, you’ll pop the cap of your income by creating your first digital product.

You’ll discover:

…With over-the-shoulder tutorials of the TWO popular platforms you need to set up your first online course.

module ten

Managing Your Time and Keeping Consistent

As a business owner, your time, money, and happiness are all linked. In the final module, I’ll show you how you can achieve your financial goals without overworking.

You’ll get:

“Becca provides such a clear step-by-step guide.”

“I was happy to send Becca this testimonial because her course has done so much for me. My blog is a second income for my family now and I have BIB to thank. Believe me; if I can do this, you can do it. Becca provides such a clear step-by-step guide, it makes it so easy to understand what I need to do. And the tech videos are amazing too. Love BIB!”

Lisa / Breakthrough blogger

“I can’t believe how quickly things start happening once you follow Becca’s BIB framework.”

“I can’t believe how quickly things start happening once you follow Becca’s BIB framework. As soon as I “relaunched” my site, my email list started to go crazy. There are days when I get 50 people in one day! All from the lead magnets in the course (those Canva lead magnet templates are the bomb, btw).”

Emily / Breakthrough blogger

Your self-paced course is PACKED with templates and checklists!

Ideal Customer Avatar Workbook

(VALUE: $29)

Income/Expense Tracker

(VALUE: $29)

Blog Post Formatting Template

(VALUE: $29)

Site SEO

(VALUE: $29)

SEO Blog Post Checklist

(VALUE: $29)

Pinterest Setup Checklist

(VALUE: $29)

PLUS a full suite of trackers, planners AND your course roadmap + digital product calendar!

…And any time you’re ready to uplevel, dive into FOUR game-changing BONUS modules

bonus #1

How To Host Your First Webinar

Webinars may be the farthest thing from your mind right now. But when you’re getting ready to launch your first digital product, this laser-focused module will show you how to host webinars that grow your list and make you moulah.

(VALUE: $297)

bonus #2

How To Create A Tripwire

The secret to turning an impulse buy into a long-term customer? Tripwires. In this BONUS module, I’ll show you how to use tripwires (aka your mouthwatering low-cost digital product!) to multiply your profits. And I’ll even share my downloadable tripwire template so you can get set up in minutes.

(VALUE: $297)

bonus #3

The Legal Stuff

Break Into Blogging is an overwhelm-free space. This means you don’t need to go away and look up the official legal stuff. I’ll walk you through the essentials right here, inside the program.

(VALUE: $197)

bonus #4

Tech Vault

This program contains 20+ over-the-shoulder tech tutorials that SHOW you how to get your blog set up. The good news is, you don’t need to go through everything all at once. You have lifetime access to the vault, meaning you can watch my walkthroughs any time you need a refresher.

(VALUE: $197)

PLUS get lifetime access to my students-only Facebook community, where you’ll connect with your tribe of like-minded bloggers…

…AND get monthly LIVE coaching calls with yours truly!


best value


Save $97 when you pay in full!

low monthly

$99 X 6

Six monthly payments of $99

Break into Blogging has helped aspiring bloggers like you unlock $1000s in revenue...

“BIB was the best investment I’ve ever made for my blog/business”

“What surprised me the most about BIB is how often I keep going back to get a refresher. The lessons are that important (and good). BIB was the best investment I’ve ever made for my blog/business.”

Cathy / Breakthrough blogger

“The bonuses alone have made a huge difference in my business”

“BIB has so much valuable information, I’m honestly surprised that it’s not like twice the price. The bonuses alone have made a huge difference in my business. The gorgeous Canva templates that Becca provides as a bonus inspired me to finally invest a little time and create a really great lead magnet. And since I implemented that lead magnet, the size of my email list has quadrupled.”

Courtney / Breakthrough blogger

“I started over and now my site looks awesome!”

“I started my blog a while ago, just trying to do it on my own by Googling stuff. And it was a mess. So glad I found this course. I started over and now my site looks awesome!”

Angela / Breakthrough blogger

30-day money back guarantee

I’m so confident you’re going to LOVE the results you get from this program that Break Into Blogging comes with a 30-day, money back guarantee. Meaning if you implement the strategies you gain in the course and don’t see results, I’ll refund ALL your money. Yep, not only is this program a great value, it’s RISK-FREE. Why would I offer this? Because I KNOW that everything in this course works. It worked for me, and it’ll work for you too!

Here’s what happens next…

To recap, here’s everything you get inside the Break Into Blogging program….

10 comprehensive course modules

4 BONUS modules

15 time-slashing Templates & Checklists

PLUS... Lifetime access to the Facebook community + monthly LIVE group coaching calls!!

(VALUE: $1997)


best value


Save $97 when you pay in full!

low monthly

$99 X 6

Six monthly payments of $99

Yes, the framework is yours, forever.

Here are more A's to your Q's...

What if I’ve never done anything like this before?

Not an issue at all! You’re pretty much the reason I built this course the way I did. I assume no prior knowledge (especially about the tech stuff), and the course starts from scratch (as in, figuring out what you even want to blog about).

What if I already have a blog?

That’s ok! So listen, if you’ve been blogging for years, you love your site, and everything’s working for you, then this course probably isn’t for you. But if your blog is on the newer side, you’re not thrilled about the way your site looks, and you have no real strategy to grow your blog, then you’re in the right place.

What blogging platform does BIB cover? (not…they’re different). While I know there are other platforms out there, is the platform used by most pro bloggers since it performs well on Google AND has tons of user-friendly capabilities. If you’re already blogging on another platform and aren’t satisfied with how your blog looks or ranks on google, this course will show you how to get set up on in one afternoon.

What else do I need to buy to get my site going?

There are only two things that you absolutely must buy to start a site: (1) a domain name (usually a one-time payment of $10ish) and (2) a hosting plan (usually around $5/month). Those are the only two things that you literally cannot have a site without.

These are also the things many users overpay for, simply because they don’t have someone to walk them through the process.

The great thing about BIB is that you choose how much you want to put into your blog and ultimately, how much you’ll get out of it. Throughout the program, I’ll share optional tools and platforms you can use to grow your list and your revenue. But all the paid tools are optionals. And I walk you through plenty of free options too.

What’s the time commitment?

This course is entirely self-paced, Meaning you can plow through the course and get up and running in a week. Or spread it out across your lunch breaks if you are strapped for time. Either way, I designed this program to be the fastest, most painless way to create and monetize your blog — without compromising on quality or long term success.

Oh, and the best part? You get lifetime access. So you can return to the course any time you need a refresher.

Break into Blogging has helped aspiring bloggers like you unlock $1000s in revenue...

“Becca walks through all the tools so clearly, I had no problem doing it myself”

“I’m proud to say that I’m 57 years old and this year I started my own blog, which is so much fun. Becca walks through all the tools so clearly, I had no problem doing it myself. It’s basically a done-for-you site. Highly recommend this course!”

Barb / Breakthrough blogger

“Becca is a great resource for learning how to build a great foundation”

“If you want to start blogging, Becca is a great resource for learning how to build a great foundation. Becca’s blog posts, emails, paid courses, and PDF downloads are all great. And I love her website! It’s so pretty!“

Jessica / Breakthrough blogger

“Your course is helping me cut back on costs!”

“When I joined BIB, I was already very familiar with WordPress as eCommerce. However, I knew absolutely nothing about blogging. There is SO much in your course. And I have used what I’ve learned to get my blog up and running. There’s still some fine-tuning to be done, but I am so happy with it!


I even canceled Clickfunnels and hosted my lead magnet directly on my blog. And once my course is complete, I’ll be hosting that on my blog. So your course is helping me cut back on costs too!


To be honest, BIB is the missing ingredient I needed to kick off my new coaching career. Thank you Becca!”

Jacqueline / Breakthrough blogger

A final note from your blogging sidekick…

Whew, you made it through the page! By now, you should have a pretty good idea if the program is right for you.


It’s taken me years to accumulate and put together the knowledge, tools, and resources that I share in this course. And let me tell you, if this was available to me five years ago, I’d have saved a whole lotta time (not to mention money) turning my makeshift blog into the thriving business it is today.


So if you’re still on the fence, let me ask you this:


If you don’t enroll in Break Into Blogging, where will your blogging business be six months from now?


Unless you can confidently say that you’ll have strategically grown your readership, your list, and your profit…


I say take the leap and enroll today. You’ll have everything you need to 10X your investment. And you’ll finally have a blog that you are absolutely and irrevocably proud to call your own.


You’ve got this,


Create a money-making blog you’re proud to call your own. Get INSTANT ACCESS to the framework you need to build a thriving blogging business

To recap, here’s everything you get inside the Break Into Blogging program….

10 comprehensive course modules

4 BONUS modules

15 time-slashing Templates & Checklists

PLUS... Lifetime access to the Facebook community + monthly LIVE group coaching calls!!

(VALUE: $1997)


best value


Save $97 when you pay in full!

low monthly

$99 X 6

Six monthly payments of $99

“Hands down the best blogging course I’ve ever taken”

“Hands down the best blogging course I’ve ever taken. I started a site from scratch and started getting Google traffic within about 6 months. In that same time, my email list grew from 0 to 1100! I have a store full of digital planners now that makes me income every month! I would never have been able to do without Break Into Blogging.”

Lindsey / Breakthrough blogger

“Without Becca, I would have been spinning my wheels forever”

“I’ve taken Break Into Blogging and done a Blog Audit with Becca, and I can honestly say that they were both SO worthwhile. I would have been spinning my wheels forever. Becca cut right to the chase, told me what I needed to do and how to do it, and then suddenly I had a blog. I can’t say thank you enough!”

Kate / Breakthrough blogger

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